Balanced Tourist

Travel Healthy. Travel Happy.



What’s in the box?

A delicious range of plant-based wholefoods healthy on the go snacks. These snacks will keep you fully nourished while your away from home.

The box contains at least 15 natural products that will keep your body and mind balanced with the right nutrients and support you to maintain your healthy habits and lifestyle while you are a being a tourist

What am I getting for my money?

A stress-free service to support you to stay healthy while you are on the go. The box is designed to help you keep both body and mind balanced and nourished, maintaining your healthy lifestyle while away from home.

The box contains a range of nourishing plant based healthy wholefoods that are in single serve and under 100ml, meaning you can take them anywhere. The products are natural and where possible organic and we only partner with those that care for and respect ingredients, people and the environment. Our packaging is made from recyclable materials and intended to be recycled. This is all conveniently delivered to you in a box that has been designed to fit through your letterbox.

Delivery – charges and times?

The boxes are delivered via second class UK Royal Mail. Delivery charges are added to your basket when you checkout

Can I select box contents?

Not at the moment – we only have the one standard box available at present but we do intend to expand the range to suit individual needs.

Do you have an idea of a box? Please email us at as we would love to hear from you

Will it fit through my letterbox?

The box has been specifically designed to fit through a standard UK letterbox 

Can I travel with the box?

Yes of course – that’s the whole concept of Balanced Tourist. All products have been sourced and selected to be single service sachets meaning they are small, robust and light enough to be taken with you. Everything we supply is under 100ml so is airport security friendly.

I’m an individual and have dietary and allergies – is the box suitable for me?

Is the box recyclable?

Yes – one of Balanced Tourists main values is to be balanced in all aspects of life therefore our box is made from unbleached and recyclable materials. It has been designed to be re-sealable and therefore recycled after use. We would love to see what you can do with it J

The tissue paper and postcard are also made from recyclable materials in order to minimise the impact on the world so we can keep it looking beautiful– meaning more time to explore it 

Can I give the box as a gift?

Yes of course, please just add a delivery address as to where you would like it sending and we will post to another Balanced Tourist.

Where do you deliver to?

We can send to any UK address. We are always wanting to share the Balanced Tourist love so if you wish to send this to anywhere else in the world we are happy to do this but it may just cost a little more to ship this round the world for you

Refunds and Returns

We can’t offer refunds, although if you are unhappy with your box then please let us know. Get in touch by emailing

Got an idea for Balanced Tourist

Please send us your feedback and ideas to

Work with us

We love our partners and so if you would like to work with us then please get in touch

Any other questions?

We are sorry you can’t find the answer to your question here. Please get in touch