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Our Story

I’m a person who has always been on the go and love to travel but I didn't want to leave my heathy lifestyle behind. When I was away from home I never knew whether I’d be able to eat healthy or find suitable products that would cater for my dietary needs.

I was decanting my favourite superfoods into Tupperware, nuts and seeds into bags or spending time searching for my essential products in small portable packets, pouches and sachets. I wished for one place I could just find them all and put them straight into my bag............ and that’s why Balanced Tourist was born.

Balanced Tourist have sourced a range of portable or single serve sachets of superfoods, proteins, sweet and savoury snacks, essential oils and hydration that all support wellness, provide nourishment and give you a boost to ensure you enjoy your time away from home. The best bit, they are all small enough to fit into any bag or travel case and all airport security friendly. We have put them all into an eco friendly box which can be conveniently delivered through your letterbox. Yeah!

So, good bye plastic containers, diet doubts and hello convenient, stress-free box filled with all my most loved products inside.

Balanced Tourist is built on strong ethics, that’s why our boxes and packaging are made from recyclable materials and don’t contain any bleaches or acids. We only work with the best and most exciting suppliers as we want to make sure where possible our products are Fairtrade, Organic and from the most natural ingredients – just the way it should be!

So, if like me you are always on the go, away from home or travelling then join me and become a Balanced Tourist. 

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